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Why Oddy Media?

As an independent, we’re different to other media agencies – here’s why:


  • We take a holistic approach: we challenge traditional boundaries, merging diverse channels to create a unified brand presence across digital, social, and legacy media platforms

  • We’re stable and consistent: say goodbye to constantly briefing new reps due to staff turnover – we’re here for you as a long-term media partner

  • We’re cost efficient: we develop ROI-maximising strategies that make your budget work harder per dollar spent, without the hefty overheads 

  • We’re strategically aligned: our media strategies aim to align seamlessly with your business objectives 

  • We believe branding should be unified: we can help you to strengthen your message using consistent branding across all channels

  • We’re media experts: our many years of experience will ensure the most effective reach to maximise your chances of conversion 

  • We’re trusted partners: we’re not just ‘service providers’ – we’re committed to achieving long-term success for your business and brand. 

We’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

Kate Harkness | Head of Marketing

South Australian Cricket Association

Oddy Media have been fantastic for our business - the personalised service and genuine care for our outcomes put them a step above the rest. We could not recommend Oddy Media highly enough!
Oddy Media: Innovative. Flexible. Agile. Transparent. Trusted. Entrepreneurial. Accountable. 

Richard Ellery | General Manager


I deal with many fantastic people in media every day and Greg stands out above the crowd through his ability to know what is important to our business and consistently over deliver.

The first step you should take when considering a media partner is to ask yourself these questions;

Am I spending too much time communicating with multiple media reps?

Is high staff turnover forcing me to constantly brief new reps?

How much money am I wasting without a clear strategy?

Do I need an expert to provide me a with fresh and unbiased perspective on my current plan and strategy? 

Does my current media strategy still align with my business objectives?

How can I incorporate digital media (Podcasts, Streaming) into my strategy?

Are my marketing activities consistent across all channels?

Am I getting the most out of my budget?

Is my target audience being reached effectively?

Can I keep up with constantly evolving trends and technologies? 

How can I position myself differently to my competitors?

Do I want to take a more streamlined and efficient approach to my marketing?

Do I see a measurable ROI for my marketing efforts?

Do I need an unbiased, independent media partner to help me elevate my brand?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it’s time to consider Oddy Media: together, we can take your brand to new heights. 

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